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What is Entrepreneurship?

The definition of entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business. An entrepreneur is someone who develops a business model, usually from scratch, but can also be someone who purchases a company to grow it. A serial entrepreneur is someone who develops multiple business strategies and becomes a key component in business management. According to the job-listing site, Monster, there are nine characteristics of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial journey. They include motivation, creativity, hands-on, versatility, business skills, drive, vision, flexibility, and decisiveness.

Entrepreneurship development is the process of improving entrepreneurial skills. Through training programs, such as entrepreneurship courses and online classes, one can learn about various requirements to become successful as an entrepreneur including conducting opportunity analysis, developing a business plan, starting a small business, acquiring financing to start the company, and scaling the business. An entrepreneur should have a fundamental understanding of business skills such as accounting and finance, marketing, and strategy.

Entrepreneurship Courses

Many people wonder how to become an entrepreneur. Taking a course in entrepreneurship can provide skills and inspiration to get you on your way. Generating an entrepreneurial mindset can improve how you think about business opportunities whether it’s for a small or large business, family-owned or venture-backed, or a social media entrepreneurship venture. Entrepreneurship training helps expose you to fundamental concepts and analytical tools such as the lean startup process to help improve your chance for success. Learn case studies from successful entrepreneurs who will inspire you and teach valuable lessons on how to grow a business from non-profits to large corporations.